Cosmetic Smile Design

It must be understood that there is no universal "ideal" smile. The most important esthetic goal is to achieve a "balanced" smile, which can best be described as an appropriate positioning of the teeth and gingival scaffold within the dynamic display zone.

Smile Classification

There are two basic types of smiles: the social smile and the enjoyment smile. Each type involves a different anatomic presentation of the elements of the display zone . The social smile, or the smile typically used as a greeting, is a voluntary, unstrained, static facial expression. The enjoyment smile, elicited by laughter or great pleasure, is involuntary. It results from maximal contraction of the upper and lower lip elevator and depressor muscles, respectively. This causes full expansion of the lips, with maximum anterior tooth display and gingival show.

The Process

So you've decided that you want to make your smile brilliant. Now what? There are many things that your cosmetic dentist will go over with you when deciding exactly what is needed to get your smile looking great. The all important first step is to take appreciation of you as an individual; your facial shape and appearance, hair color, skin color/tone, lip shape and size, teeth, and even your gum tissue will play a role in designing your new beautiful smile. It is important to express your personal opinions about what you like and dislike about your smile as well so that your cosmetic dentist can take them into account when discussing with you the best treatment plan to get your smile where you want it to be.

The Breakdown

The designing of your cosmetic dentistry plan will be based on a multitude of factors. That said, here's a breakdown of the most noticeable part of a person's smile, the teeth.

Color: The color and shade of your teeth say a lot to others who see them, and also play an important role in the assessing of and preparing for several procedures, such as veneers, composite bindings, implants, crowns, and bridges. But there's more than procedures to consider when deciding on your eventual color. When darker and discolored, your teeth imply they are aged and/or uncared for. However, while a bright white smile hints at youth, there are still limits. If you were to select a shade too white then your teeth may appear fake. This is why your cosmetic dentist will take your skin and hair color/tone into consideration when selecting the appropriate color and shade for your teeth so they maintain a natural look and still shine beautifully.

Alignment and Space: For those with teeth that overlap, appear crooked, and/or have gaps between them, it may be suggested to have orthodontics performed if not use porcelain veneers which near immediately corrects the issue.

Length: Tooth length is very important as appropriately long teeth allow a youthful appearance, whereas shorter teeth imply the wear and tear of age. Excessive gum tissue may also lead to the appearance of shorter teeth. This problem can be remedied, based on cause, with porcelain veneers, composite bonding, crowns or laser treatments to improve the gum line.

Proportion: The proportions of your teeth can greatly affect your smile's appearance and will be examined by your cosmetic dentist in order to design a perfect smile for you. Generally, people acknowledge the front and central teeth to be dominant and find it aesthetically pleasing when they are about 20% longer than they are wide. Following this guideline, the surrounding teeth in the visible area of your smile are designed so as to create a visually pleasing and balanced smile line.

Smile Line: Cosmetic dentists use the term smile line to describe an imaginary line along the lower edge of your upper row of teeth from one side to the other. Preferably, this line should follow the curve of your lower lip as you smile and helps to determine your ideal teeth length.

Texture and Character: Skillful and artistic cosmetic dentists are well experienced in creating the illusion and feel of real teeth when using veneers and/or crowns and even at giving them masculine or feminine qualities as they naturally would have.

Missing Teeth: Missing teeth do more than damage the look of your smile. They can also cause bite issues and encourage tooth decay. The filling in of missing teeth is a vital part of your oral health and overall smile aesthetics. These can be easily fixed through implants, bridges, or partial dentures.

So there you have it, the key to designing a beautiful smile lies in working with your cosmetic dentist to find a harmony of all the aforementioned aspects of your smile. If necessary, your dentist will also discuss the potential merits of orthodontics and/or maxillofacial surgery to achieve fuller lips, smile, and cheeks before deciding on porcelain veneers as a total solution.

Smile designing with advanced CAD-CAM veneers.

Ceramic Veneers/laminates are thin Porcelain facings that are bonded to the teeth to improve appearance. Porcelain laminate veneers (Ceramic veneers) can correct imperfections (chips, cracks, gaps, misalignments and discolorations in the front teeth) to help you achieve a magnificent, durable and long lasting smile. In some cases it can even protect the teeth from tear and wear. It is an attractive option for people who are not interested in orthodontic braces to straighten teeth. The whole procedure can be completed in 2 dental visits during one week and produce ultimate durable aesthetics.

Ceramic Veneers are very thin, custom made shells crafted of tooth colored materials designed to cover the front side of the teeth. Veneers help people accomplish a healthy, natural looking and beautiful smile with little or no discomfort"

Benefits of Ceramic Veneers:

  • Porcelain laminate veneers are conservative:
    • only a small amount of tooth structure is removed (0.5mm only)
    • Minimum Preparation on teeth (0.5mm or less)
  • Porcelain Laminate Veneers are made of extremely thin layer "0.5mm" of porcelain with very long term color stability:
    • Color doesn't change, even cigarettes does not affect their color.
    • Stable color over 10-15 years.
  • Porcelain laminate veneers are very durable:
    • Long service: usually 10-15 years (if you avoid using them to bite or crack Hard objects like ice)
    • Same Strengths of Real Teeth (3x Harder than Composite)
  • Porcelain laminate veneers have natural enamel like translucency:
    • Very Natural color, looks like normal beautiful teeth
    • Natural beauty and strength.
  • Porcelain laminate veneers are Metal-Free:
    • Now with Metal-Free restorative materials you can get the Healthy and Beautiful smile you've always wanted.

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