Lip Debulking

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery for the Lips

Are your lips too thick, or is the red of your lips too small? Lip enhancement or lip reduction . Is your upper lip too big or is your bottom lip too big, does it hang down? A cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery may be able to help make your lips more beautiful and give you more self-confidence.

Possible surgical treatments:

  • Lip Plasty: to make the lips narrower or fuller.
  • Lifting the upper lip: shortening a drooping upper lip
  • Upper lip correction: gum - smile.

Standard result for lip reduction

Lip-Plasty: reducing the size of thick lips

  • Are your lips too big? It is possible to reduce their size.

Surgical procedures

  • LIP-PLASTY: Are your lips too thick or is the red of your lips too small? If so you could consider plastic surgery correction to make your lips smaller or fuller.
  • LIFTING THE UPPER LIP: with age the upper lip tends to droop and the red of the lips becomes narrower. This symptom of the aging process can be corrected with a simple "butterfly correction".
  • GUMMY SMILE CORRECTION: if your gums are exposed because your upper lip is lifted too high when you smile, this procedure can offer a solution.


Lip reduction:

Are your lips too thick or too full? It is possible to reduce the size of your lips.

Through a small incision the plastic surgeon turns the excess red of the lips inwards. The scar is hidden in the mouth and is therefore invisible.

This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and last about an hour. The lips will be swollen and bruised for about 2 weeks. After 6 weeks the definite result is visible.

Lip augmentation:

Are your lips too thin or is the red part of the lips too narrow? It is possible to enhance the lips.

If an injection is not effective because the red of the lips is too inverted then it can be enlarged by turning the red of the lips from the inside of the lips outwards.

This procedure is performed with a local anaesthetic and lasts about an hour. The lips may be swollen and bruised for about two weeks. This procedure can be combined with an injectable filler.

Lip-Plasty recovery:

You have to wait a few months before the scars from a Lip-Plasty fully mature. You may experience a little discomfort when moving the lips for a few weeks. A temporary loss of sensation in the lips is possible. Sometimes the scar tissue can remain lumpy and sensitive for a longer period.

Lifting the upper lip:

Lip Lift

The plastic surgeon usually makes a small butterfly-shaped incision. The scar is hidden in the nostrils. Lifting the upper lip gives a more youthful appearance. The procedure is performed with a local anaesthetic and takes about half an hour.

Standard result for lifting the upper lip

Lifting the upper lip: for a younger look.

  • Lifting the upper lip
  • Filling the lips.

With age the upper lip tends to droop so that the red of the lips looks narrower. This problem can easily be solved with a 'butterfly correction". This procedure lifts the upper lip and has a rejuvenating effect on the appearance of your mouth and face.

Lips: Book your consultation

During your no-obligation consultation all aspects of any possible treatment will be discussed: the doctor will make a detailed assessment of your wishes and requirements and will determine whether you are a good candidate for lip correction. The doctor will discuss the expected results with you as well as any possible risks the treatment involves and the necessary aftercare.


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